When compared to other brands, there really is no comparison.

SunPower panels produce up to 50% more power than the competition, so you can use fewer panels. And they produce the most electricity in a range of conditions. In fact, they outperform competitors early in the morning, late in the day and even on cloudy days.

They also perform better at high temperatures. That’s because SunPower panels convert more light into electricity, rather than heat. The hotter it gets, the better SunPower performs compared to others.  www.youtube.com/sunpower

SunPower continues to lead the industry with their 25 year combined power and product warranty.  This means exceptional performance and piece of mind your system will continue to perform for many years to come.

SunPower solar panels can be placed on the roof, on poles or on a tracking device. We can do a free consultation and site assessment to see which option is best for you.

We’re proud to offer SunPower’s exclusive financing program.

SunPower offers a wide range of financing options, including commercial loans and mortgages, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and tax, true, operating and capital leases.  For qualifying residential installations, we offer up to $45,000 interest free for a year.

We’ll work with you to create a customized plan to finance your installation, apply for and secure state and local incentive funds and help you take advantage of available tax benefits.